Monday, July 30, 2007


You may not respect Will Smith's career but that "Summertime" song is the perfect summer jam. I hope all of you are enjoying this tropical weather we are experiencing. I know I am! I've been to a few BBQs, a few outdoor concerts and festivals, and to the beach and boardwalk a few times too. I am also spending this summer revamping Rum And Cake's product lines and website. I have some new products coming, some old products being removed, and definetly adding ease to the user end to improve your shopping experience! I am removing some scents and products that haven't really been selling. They are not gone forever but they will be special order. If you have any favorites that you want to be sure make the cut...let me know!

Back to summer...I am addicted to and love flip flops and it's been rough on my feet. I have found though that using Exfoliating Milk has really been helpful in removing the grime and the crust! Then I add a bit of Body Whip to finish to get rid of the ash. Yes, even I am ashy sometimes.

Let's not forget about Bugging Out! It has really made all of the outdoor activities a little more bearable. Bugging Out! is an essential oil blend made to deter those annoying mosquitoes and other pesky critters. It's definitely helped in keeping me itch free and it's all natural and not alcohol-based or drying. There's a 4oz body oil, 4oz body spritz, and 4oz shower gel.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Post Mother's Day

Happy Belated Mums Day to everyone! I know I've been MIA but this is the time of year that people actually pay attention to their I've done a few shopping parties, made alot of product (body butter is big right now) and put together alot of baskets...but I'm still standing. And a benefit is that my hands are smooth! I debuted a few new products that are receiving alot of love- Crushed Cabernet Exfoliating Bar Soap and Breakfast Blend Exfoliating Bar Soap. Both are takes on the scrubs of the same name and just burst with lather, smell goodiness, and light exfoliating. Give them a try, man! Actually I have a some samples left so if you sign the comment box or send me an email at info*AT* I'll slide you a sample. Take care yall.